If you are an athlete and you have an injury or pain, skip your HMO doctor and go to Acusport.
— Erica on Yelp

Male patient experiencing lower and upper back spasm.

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for nearly 15 years from many different practitioners across the United States. AcuSport Health Center is by far and away the most consistent in providing immediate and significant pain relief enabling me to quickly get back to my preventative exercise regimen."

Male patient with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

"My son, Bobby, was diagnosed in May of 1999, with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). His condition was accompanied by high fever (104+ degrees) and inflammation in all of his joints and organs, rendering him unable to walk or move without difficulty and pain. A close friend of mine recommended AcuSport Health Center. One of the practitioners there, Aquilino Soriano, had worked with her son and cured him of his allergies. We began regular acupuncture treatments at Mr. Soriano’s AcuSport Health Center.

The treatments were aimed at ridding my son of food allergies and allergies to other substances. After treatment at AcuSport, my son’s condition significantly improved, so much so that he has been weaned off some of his arthritis medications. Our experience at the AcuSport Health Center has been very rewarding on both spiritual and physical levels. The friendly manner by which the Center introduced acupuncture to my son, Bobby, has made his experience positive, and he continues to show improvement. We feel very fortunate to have found the Acusport."

Female patient suffering from urticaria & irregular heartbeat

"I was treated for cold urticaria from 1999 through theSpring of 2000. I was also treated from 1999-2001 for food sensitivities which caused irregular heartbeats. Thanks to AcuSport I have found that if I just stay away from certain foods and food additives my heartbeat is normal. I am feeling GREAT! I am swimming and exercising and I am free of prescription drugs."

Male Professional Athlete Treated To Improve Balance & Agility

"In my extensive off-season workouts, I have noticed a difference in my balance and agility since receiving treatments at AcuSport Health Center. I feel my muscles have been "turned on" and they are firing on all cylinders. Thank you Acusport."

Female Patient Treated For Exposure To An Environmental Toxin

"I was exposed to toxic mold in an apartment which I had been renting for nearly two years. Over the course of the two years I was afflicted with frequent and severe headaches, ulcers, pink eye, cold and allergy symptoms, anxiety, depression, and my olfactory nerves were permanently damaged. I saw countless doctors and was prescribed everything from steroids to anti-depressants. I decided to try acupuncture in conjunction with N.A.E.T. to detoxify my body. I began to notice results almost immediately.

The allergies I had been experiencing for so many months seemed to be clearing up and overall I was feeling healthier and more optimistic. With each treatment I felt better and with the help of AcuSport I began to fully recover. The illness took a serious toll on me both physically and emotionally. Without acupuncture and the support of the practitioners at AcuSport, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it."