Orthopedic Rehabilitation

At AcuSport Health Center we believe people should play an active role in their health care and healing process. The acupuncture and manual therapies we perform while a patient is “on the treatment table” are only part of the equation. Therapeutic exercise is important to strengthen injured muscles, restore movement to areas that have been inactive, and retrain the body to function efficiently.


Depending on the condition, our practitioners instruct and guide patients through rehabilitation exercises that include stretches, neuro-muscular reeducation, resistance training, balance drills, and a variety of activities specific to their lifestyle. Each individual rehabilitation program is regularly evaluated to be sure that the exercises continue to be beneficial and progress as the patient’s condition improves. Many of the therapeutic exercises can be incorporated into the patient’s normal exercise regime where they will continue to benefit from them long after they leave our facility. Our ultimate goal is not only to help our patients recover from their injury, but also for them to learn strategies to maintain strength, endurance and flexibility in an effort to avoid injury in the future.